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Our History

  • 2006 Established
  • 2006-1st customer
  • 2010-SKF
  • 2012-FANEAM
  • 2017-ISO-MH

Who Are We

  • Started in 2006, best engineering electronics with advanced technology company. We work with across the globe with all types of Industries.
  • Confident Electronic has been successfully developing and producing cost effective electronic circuitry for use in a variety of rugged environments since 2006 for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) s & Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs). Combining proven expertise in technology, and an understanding of emerging business trends, delivers a range of development solutions.
  • The heart of any Technology product built today, lies in its embedded circuit board. Confident Electronics designs embedded circuit boards for different verticals mainly Health care, Industrial, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Communication to bring your new product to life.

Why To Choose Us

We stand for

  • Quick return product prototyping.
  • Quality Manufacturing.
  • International Compliance Certifications.
  • End to end manufacturig services

Clients say

  • MD, IoT company


    I must thank Confident Electronics for their quick support in helping me deliver the first set of prototype products and there on supply huge volumes with sudden high demand of my product.

  • CEO, Leading Medical devices company


    Confident Electronics is the go to company for complete product life cycle management. We have used them, right from prototyping to volume production for all our products..

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