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With the ever increasing needs for bandwidth as a result of more content being consumed over mobile devices as well as a host of new applications around connected devices in the automotive, healthcare and industrial segments is continuing to drive innovation in communications technology.

IT designs and manufactures products to help improve the efficiency of communications networks. Our subsidiary Confident delivers highly stable crystal oscillators to the major telecom equipment OEMs and is recognized globally as a leading provider of these products. Confident also offers diagnosis and repair services for a range of telecom base station equipment. In addition, our engineers are also able to develop customized communications solutions for specialized applications in the key segments we operate in.




The automotive industry is going through a dynamic transformation with new non-traditional players entering the market introducing disruptive technologies incorporating more and more electronics for applications such as autonomous driving, powertrain architecture, connectivity among others.

Being a specialist in electronics design and manufacturing services we are able to support customers navigate this transformation by turning big ideas into reliable and performing solutions. Our strong knowledge and experience of developing products to the required safety standards as well as past references in developing similar products for the aerospace and rail transport domains has positioned us well to support our customers as they develop new products and technologies to stay ahead.




The field of healthcare is rapidly adopting new technologies to augment the quality of treatment and create efficiencies for healthcare providers. At Centum, our engineering and manufacturing teams have worked on a variety of medical devices and equipment that include digital radiography systems, automated pump for drug injection, ultrasound equipment, patient monitoring devices, customized room controls for operation theaters among others.

Our engineering and manufacturing teams have developed a good understanding of the applications and have the competencies to design and manufacture product with a high level of reliability. We have experience working with the design and manufacturing standards listed in the table below.




It has been successfully in developing and manufacturing critical subsystems for major Defense programs for many years. These span land, air and naval systems and applications include Missiles, Electronic Warfare, Radar, Military Communications, and fire control among others.

We design and manufacture products to the requisite MIL and customer specific quality standards. Furthermore, we have the systems and tools to ensure that confidentiality of data is maintained and we have the experience with the compliance processes such as ITAR or other export regulations.




The Aerospace industry has several key ongoing technological initiatives to make aircrafts more fuel efficient, environmentally friendly and safer. Much of this involves incorporating more electronics onboard aircrafts, making avionics platforms more configurable, and of course factoring in environmental issues and reducing human error to improve safety. the different functional teams are highly experienced in the aerospace domain, being well versed with the design standards or having the manufacturing certifications and quality processes required to operate. The major OEMs and Tier 1 aerospace companies are among our key customers and we are deeply engrained in their global supply chains both in the development and production phases of the product lifecycle.

Flexibility to adapt to varying needs of the customers coupled with the extensive knowledge of the industry gained over the decades has ensured delivery of quality products consistently.